Wednesday, September 20, 2006

catnest & froenvy

if you were to ask WHY there was a fro wig on my floor, i would have confess to having a house full of froenvy. we put it on & bust a move, take it off, throw it on the couch and shock of all shocks, it ends up on the floor.

well, velvet loves that part, obviously.

last night was open house at mac. each year, it is always so good to meet our kids' teachers & put faces to names, etc. boothe really likes all of his teachers this year and that really makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

VE looks soo much like my Zack and he would be all over that fro as well. :)

Anne said...

I was hoping for a pic of a cat! And one with froenvy to go with the rest of you. Who can beat that?

rebecca said...

right on, afrocatnest!

fiwa said...

That is hilarious. I thought it was one pissed of cat when I first looked.