Sunday, September 17, 2006

on (re)purpose

our favorite hobby in the world is searching for junque and repurposing it for our house. yesterday, page & i went to an estate sale and came home with some halfpriced goodies. this butterscotch 12.5¢ cup is a jewel. it matches the stripe on the previously repurposed catfood container perfectly. butterscotch must have been the color of the day cuz i found a vintage butterscotch melamine sugar/creamer set for 25¢. i still can't believe that people passed it over for two whole days.

found loads of goodies & an antique black studded table which page spotted first. we need another table like we need another hole in our heads, but we would have bemoaned the loss of it if we had not grabbed it. it is very grownup.


fiwa said...

Don't taunt me like that, I need more pictures!

What an excellent idea for keeping pet food - I'm going to have to look for something similar for Bitsy's food, which I keep in my bedroom (don't ask why). Smart girl!

Anne said...

It matches!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WE NEED photos of that table. :)

I too have the kitty food canister, but I use a .75 plastic measuring cup to scoop. For those looking for a cool canister for pet food, repurpose an old popcorn tin.

So do your kitties tear through the bag if left out in the open?

Anonymous said...

oh sorry forgot to sign that anonymous post. ;)

Anonymous said...

Too many tables, lamps, chairs...such is the life of an enthusiastic eclectic collector!

ps: still cant figure out this here blogspot thang.