Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a bouquet of shrimp & gardendelights

today is studiocleanup (yep, again!) and i have JT's futuresex/lovesounds cd on and cut a bouquet of justicia brandegeana (aka 'shrimp plant') which is one of my favorites plants in the garden. if there are more versions than the three i have, i definitely want them. in the photos are the red, 'fruit cocktail' and the light green variety.

over the summer, my gardenfriend shannon & i did a couple of gardentrades. happily, most of my hibiscus cuttings from her have rooted. i cannot wait to see their magic next summer in my garden.

on the way back from errands, this caught my eye in the flood ditch. i need glasses cuz i thought that it was a hunk of cement with cactus growing out of it. i turned around and climbed into the ditch and picked this up. i planted it and it looks like it is thriving.

this shot really made me happy on sunday morning before i mowed & did the yardwork. the rain has restored the garden & just in time for the autumn extravaganza.

and this might be gross, but this woodgrub was living in the bench that we had under our pecan tree. if you are gonna be rotund & full of rottenwood, you gotza have a cool dotted tubedress.


Scheherazaad said...

Who else could imagine a party dress on a grub? You do make me laugh. Your garden looks wonderful and inviting as usual. I've never seen that plant before, lovely. I need to go out in my garden more often

deb said...

What fun...growing all this wonderful stuff! It is amazing how much you do and accomplish!

That grubworm is enormous!
I wonder what it is going to be when it grows up????

Anne said...

Grubs are the epitome of grossssss. Ew.
But I read your title and saw the first pic thinking you'd come up with some shrimp cocktail recipe! Very pretty, btw.

fiwa said...

I love the shrimp plant. My sister in Houston has one, and I think they are so beautiful and distinctive. Those and ginger, two plants I wish we could grow up here in the pacific northwet. :)

So what IS that catcus growing on? That was a good find!

portia said...

Oh my Gawd!!! How I love these photos.
Shrimp plant is one of my faves. I have been following your blog and photos for a while through deb - love your design and green thumb!

dawn said...

sharon, go out to your garden ASAP. i bet it is beautiful at this time of year.

deb, i don't want to know how much bigger it could get. :) it was already over a quarter's diameter.

anne, thank you.

fiwa, it was so dry this summer that my gingers never bloomed. tawk about sad!

portia, with you being a fellow plantfreak, i take that as a high compliment. i know you guys have had good rain all summer but this past week's worth of rain has made all of the roses churn out delicious new red growth & buds!

deb said...

dawn...i am not talkin'bout girth!!!!
most grubworms are junebugs or at least that's what the landscaper says...
it must be a bird sized beetle!


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so far behind on things. Yay! Loverly cuttings :) I only lost a few of the rose cuttings, but everything else is doing gangbusters so far!

Anonymous said...