Tuesday, August 22, 2006

to wax poetic

work is submitted
that tiny delicious space
before revisions

beeswax furniture polish
• 3.5 oz beeswax
• 1 c. turpentine
melt beeswax on low heat until melted.
slowly add the turpentine & stir thoroughly.
pour into minipaintcan.

this is where i don't admit
to loving the act of waxing wood.
being anal-retentive is sooooo last season.


fiwa said...

Cleaning always makes me feel
better when I'm down. Well, that
and tag sales...

How ya doin today? Getting used
to having him gone?

deb said...

when i put pastewax on my table...i asked david to go and get the electric car buffer for me...................

dawn said...

fiwa, we are pretty much back to normal here.
thank you, sweetz.

deb, you gotta try this wax. it smells so good
and so oldworld. actually, the car buffer ain't a bad idea. :)

Anne said...

Wishing now I had some nice wood to buff!

Sae Faeri En said...

OT: but, here at last! (now if i can get back on...)


dawn said...

anne, you would love the medicinal scent.

and *squeeeee*, Gthang is here. :)