Thursday, August 24, 2006

givin' good neck


finally finished this extralong scarf last night while vv was at dance. i think the other dancestudiocouchettes were glad to see me bind it off & add the fringe...nevermind that it was a hunnerd degrees while i was knitting and at least another two months away from even thinking about donning a scarf.

new colors, new yarn,!


fiwa said...

That is gorgeous!
How long did it take you
to make it?

Anonymous said...

Fess up what's the pattern. don't leave us knitta's in suspense. :) BTW I have just about finished my second shell using Jaeger Trinity (40% Silk,35% Cotton,25% Polymidesilk) on #5 needles. I need a number 10 needle project next. :) At least this yarn is a nice summer weight and I will get two more months of wear before wool season arrives here. ;-) Say high to elvis black for me and if he sheds you can start a collection of fur for your next project.

Scheherazaad said...

Looks like basketweave stitch from here. Very handsome in that colour. Who is the scarf for?

dawn said...

fiwa, i have no idea how to measure the time it took.
it knitted up quickly, but i only worked on it during
dance lessons. also, i made it extra long as a funkier scarf.

susanna, i just did a 16stitch basketweave. four stitches
by four rows. ooh, i want to see your shell. you are a real knitter cuz i don't even touch my 5s anymore.

sharon, yep, it is a basic basketweave. vv & i are gonna share it.

Anonymous said...

well i have a scarf obsession :)
pink please

i have about 20 made by my friends... soooo.. im just sayin :)

love to you beautiful

Sae Faeri En said...

Yummie! B&W gear is hot in Europe this fall. No doubt your creation would make a most welcome addition to any stylin' wardrobe.

Anne said...

What a pretty scarf, Dawn! I think you are brave to be knitting in 100ยบ...