Monday, August 21, 2006

the cloud that could

we didn't get on the road until 2pm yesterday. the boys' room was insanely filthy. it was the kind of filth that boys hide from mom and that surprisingly passes room inspection...tricky filth, the worst kind of all.

i cleaned while sage packed. we rearranged the room for boothe as sole proprietor & finally got on the road.

dorm check-in went smoothly & we got him moved in and went to dinner. sometimes, it is good to be so tired that you can't even cry when you leave your oldest child at his new home in a new city.

his dorm is a 'dry' dorm which means there is no alcohol allowed. i asked if there were 'undry' dorms and there actually are, but the tradeoff is no airconditioning in those dorm buildings. unbelievable. i couldn't get over the fact that someone would chose to drink and sweat, especially here in south texas where we have only two seasons - 'hot' and 'hotter'.

this cloud was a twee bit inspiring on the way home. it sent a shoutout that said 'mama, itz gonna be okay.'


deb said...

Every silver lining has a touch of grey.

~Jerry Garcia

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well with the drop off. Many moons ago my sis attended FSU and at the time they were just setting aside $$ for air conditioning for the dorms. I think Tallahassee could rival you for hot/hotter and add the humidity and its like you are sitting in a sauna 24/7. I guess the trade off comes for the dorms with 'undry due to the electrical wiring. Sis said many mornings were spent without electricity to the dorms because too many hair dryers/curling irons were used in the dorms and the breakers would flip. Have an awesome day!

Scheherazaad said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful cloud with the silver lining. I'm sure that all of the mamas in the world could use one. I know I can!!

dawn said...

deb, i needed a little bit of garcia!

susanna, thank you. :)

awww, sharon. you are so welcome, sweetheart.

deb said...

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia!

nikkipolani said...

Is that a gorgeous cloud or what? Sage is gonna have a great time.

dawn said...

deb, don't freak out...
but b&j cherry garcia is my fave flavor of theirs.

and anne, that cloud makes me want to be a better person. :)

mizcarla said...

awwww are you ok honey? I know how hard it is when the babies leave the nest :(

Love the new scarf!