Saturday, August 19, 2006

throwing 'stones

i worked yesterday morning & then sage and i finished up errands for his move. we tossed in some thai and some thriftin' which made it the perfect day. i found these little delights while he scored a brand new pair of docs and some new old shirts, a stevie ray vaughan cd and a book. he was happy with his loot.

back to packing and then to vaughn's ballet lesson.


karenleigh said...

i'm in love with that crown.

Anne said...

Thai and thrifting... what could be better?!

fiwa said...

Thai and thrifting, what a perfect day! ;)

I can't get over the size of those sneakers! I'm sorry you're losing your buddy though. I'll be thinking about you this weekend. Hang tough.

PS - I love the white pendant, whatcha gonna do with it? It make an excellent bauble on the end of a pull-chain light or something.

lela said...

i come home from vacation only to find you have disappeared!
cynjon sent me this way...
you ever coming back?
at least i can find you here!!!
miss you already!!!!!


dawn said...

karen, i have been searchin' for a crown forever.

anne, i don't think it gets better than thai&thriftin'!

fiwa, i have been wearing that pendant since friday
but i luv your idea of a pullchain.

lela, i don't think you are gettin' away that fast. :)