Thursday, August 03, 2006

less grass is more

with school ten days away & a new deadline, itz gonna get crazy around here... but wanted to post photos of the last projects of the dogdaysofsummer. the dirt had to be picked out about four inches down and this really was insane in this heat...but dang, if it doesn't look nice.

the agaves/yuccas were mostly from someone's trash a few months ago. i rooted the broken pieces & was glad to have these contributions to the new xeriscape bed. can we say 'free plants rock the casbah'?

less grass is definitely more.


fiwa said...

Ooooh - I like the new look, both the garden and your page! I love the river rock - so smart to cut down on the grass and tracking dirt in your house.

dawn said...

thank you, fiwa.
once it gets cooler, i want to attack the other half of the front yard. we are in a serious drought & grass is irresponsible.