Friday, August 04, 2006

2 chopsticks 2 da rescue

this is one of those breakfastNbed trays which fascinate me. have i ever had brekkie in bed? it ain't no, itz hell no... but of course, i found this for four dollars at an estate sale and thought that our daughter needs to be able to say "yes, i do breakfast in bed." --- begin a new generation of sorts & perhaps a higher level of thinking.

once i got it home, i realized that it was missing two bamboo posts. so what does mama do? mama does what she does best...she scavenges.

now, it has ambiance. it has character. it looks like it has been brekkied in bed and loved every minute of it.


fiwa said...

You are so smart - they are the right length and everything! You and VV need to take turns making each other breakfast in bed.

I went GSaling on Friday, thinking I was finally gonna hit the big score that I've been missing out on by waiting till Saturday...
Nothing. Nada. I don't know if it was just a bad day or everyone has sold all their good stuff, but no treasures. *sob*

dawn said...

i agree. maybe, tomorrow i will make her eggs in the baskets.

and boohoo on the garagesalescene. your time is coming are going to hit paydirt soon!