Saturday, August 26, 2006


yesterday, while i was waiting for vv after school, i called page to see how far away he was and how his day had gone. 'seventymiles from austin - oh and honey, i got you something.'

lemme tell you that when page tells me that he either got me something or has found something, it is truly better than that tremble-y (is that a word?) feeling in your throat and heart on Christmas eve. can your brain really wait for the surprise? vaughn gets in the car and i tell her about this surprise.

she says 'mom, he finally got you a pig.'

we live in san antonio and are already maxed on the city ordinance number of cats and dogs. my neighbor three doors down had to hide lucy, her orphaned black calf, for mooooonths - so i knew in my heart that there had to be a pig ordinance.

hiding a black cow is tricky work. when lucy first came home in the winter and we were around the firepit one night, i heard the moo. then, i heard it again. i looked at my glass of wine and said 'honey, it is time i give you up.' but once we all heard it, i picked up my glass and was a happy camper cuz there really was a cow on laramie and its name was not cabernet!

so on the way home, vv and i worried about a possiblepigordinance. when we got home, i called page and asked him if it was a pig. 'how in the hell did you know? YEP itz a pig!' i asked if it was pink or black. black it was and vv and i danced around the house. she had already named her 'moo' and we both ignored boothe's boorish statement of 'mom, the last freaking thing you need is a pig.' there is no rain on our porcineparade with a big enuf umbrella. no sir-ee.

about two hours later, page pulls in and we run out to the car.

a little heartbroken, yes...

but this morning i had coffee with him.
he really is lowmaintenance and quite beautiful.
his name is unmoo.


deb said...

1st of all...What a great story.
I was hanging on to every word! (amy's got nuthin on you)

2nd - I am sorry about your loss. :(

3rd - What an amazing found art sculpture. You must tell us more about the artist.

4th - Sweet Page!

Anne said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I was wondering how you going to hide an oinkoink when this 'low maintenance' unmoo came into view! Very extracool! Page is a hero!

rebecca said...

wow!!!!! he is totally cool!

Sae Faeri En said...

What a great post! Love the sculpture, too!

Anonymous said...

and so does sage!
cracked me up

the french cat said...

oh girl.

just what you need!

Anonymous said...

Dawn that is so cool. I'll have to send you a pic of my flying pig. It's sort of a joke here and if you were into running marathons I would suggest the Cinci race since it is based on flying pigs. :)

Page done good and at least your grocery bill didn't expand this week. LOL

Scheherazaad said...

That is absolutly fantastic!! Where did he find it?

lela said...

what an awesome pig!!!!!
i love the name!

of course you may link to my blog, but it won't be blogger... i've decided to start a typepad blog. it's going to be slow going since we have our big move coming up, but once i get it going, i'll let you know.
you could always link to lj if you want...

how are you doing? been thinking about you and miss you at lj, but i think i told you that before!

deb said...

---having dawn blog/photo withdrawals---

Colette said...

Dawn, I found you through a series of blog links! So good to see you here! (You provided me with a little angel stamp last year when I was desperately looking for it.)

Colette in Toronto.

jackie_o said...

Babycakes this is great! Now I can keep up to date with you. You have the primo first bookmark link on my toolbar. How do you like them apples?
PS - I really thought senior hog was going to live on the new property!

dawn said...

thank you, everyone, for reading this entry & for your delicious comments.