Thursday, August 08, 2013

am, too


sometimes, i am too busy to find words to blog, and images seem to be an easier way to communicate my daily life. my instagram and flickr keep those images in checkity check.

this summer has been super. it seems that i write that every summer, but this has been one of those monumental summers.

my youngest child is off to university and this big change is at the forefront of our thoughts and our to do lists. with ten days before she goes off to college, we are crazybusy getting everything (and making all of the fun things) that she needs for her dorm and collegiate life.

i am crazyexcited for her and this new chapter in her life, as well as my own new chapter. for some reason, i equate that with having rugs–not that my kids would have peed on them when they were little (haha), but because rugs seem so incredibly grown up.

grown up. my kids are all grown ups and i feel like i am, too.

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