Monday, July 22, 2013

tuteuring ol' luckenbach

new old rose tuteur

this summer has been half relaxation and half preparatory for change. with the womanchild moving off to university in less than a month, i have been readying this house for the next chapter.

having less stuff calms me.

saturday was the second of three garage sales this summer. at the end of the day, a customer was loading his stuff up that he bought and unloaded two old wooden ladders that goodwill wouldn't take. i knew exactly what i would use the six-footer for.

my luckenbach rambler has been growing like crazy this year and sending out long, thorny canes. she had been using the kumquat tree next to her as a structure to climb on. i know that next year will be balls to the wall and staying true to the old adage of "first year, they sleep. second year, they creep. third year, they leap." this old ladder is a perfect tuteur for it. i had been meaning to build another rebar one, but hadn't gotten around to it yet.


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