Saturday, March 17, 2012

moveable type

Moveable Type Truck from Jon Hall on Vimeo.

yesterday was my first day off and first day of spring break/weekend. hey, it is better than nothing.

kyle durrie brought her type truck to campus to give a lecture and let us all pull a print. the way she retrofitted her old delivery truck was pretty inspiring. i think the students enjoyed it, too.

my five-year goals have been forming themselves for a while now:

1) to keep rebuilding my garage/barn. since my old garage has been grandfathered and sits just inside the property line, it makes the most sense (at least in my mind) to keep the structure and build from within. if i did a rebuild, i would lose at least five feet to easements. it needs some work and i have been saving my last bit of polygal to light up the back wall. my goal has been to have a print studio out there. little by little, i am getting there.
2) to have a wood-burning stove in both the house and garage.
3) to get vv through undergrad school.

do you have a five-year plan? what is it?

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mariepear said...

again, I adore your blog! Very inspirational and light-hearted. I am happy that someone realizes life is too short to be anything but happy.