Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY garden tuteurs

before construction
after i got off work this afternoon, i unloaded the nine rods of eight-foot rebar out of the car to make three more tuteurs for my roses. one went in front of the coop to support katy road pink, one on the side of the garden to support sombreuil and the other in the front garden to support lamarque which i want to climb on the corner of the porch.

i started making these years ago in my old garden and they are easy to make and super affordable. tuteuring roses gives them more support to grow upright and they can use their energy to grow instead of trying to support themselves.

all you need is baling wire, wire snips, ladder, hammer and the rebar. i use three pieces for each tuteur and place them in a triangular design and hammer them about one foot in the ground. i then wire the three pieces together at the top, going in and between the three pieces of rebar.
top wire binding
after that is done, i move down about two-three feet and wire the three pieces together tightly with another long piece of wire. after that is complete, i repeat the process further down the tripod.
finished rebar tuteur
abraham darby
this abraham darby is tuteured in the back garden. after all of this crazygood rain, he is growing by leaps and bounds.

since i have been in grad school, i have been substitute teaching to pay my tuition each semester on the days that i don't teach at the university. today, i was the monitor for in-school suspension in junior high (note to self::never again). to hammer rebar into the ground is exactly what i needed after a day like today.


Linda at French Hollow said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial! I've never had luck with the wimpy wooden trellises I've purchased and I didn't want to pay huge dollars. This is terrific!

Sis said...

I had forgotten how mouth watering Abe is. I just pinned that shot onto my list for the upcoming rose beds. :)