Friday, January 20, 2012

studio revamped

create in handcut letters
from the door
well, the studio officially kissed the new semester. everything is contained in one room and i can't believe how much that enhances efficiency.

(these photos were resized to be the same width. click on them to see them larger.) the goal was to work with what i had and not spend a penny in the studio revamping. i took the bookcase that i had on top of my file cabinet in the old studio and used it as more workspace by stacking it on the floor. this doubled the workspace.
workdesk and sewing center
deciding to expand my moodboard to the wall behind my main desk, i started pinning and taping up various jots of inspiration. this makes me ├╝berhappy and i can't wait to fill the entire wall.file wall
i am down two windows in this studio, but the extra wall gave me space to hang my collection of posters that i designed for a word+image project. i mounted these on black foamcore and tapped them into the wall with straight pins. easysleazy and the pins disappear on the posters.
from the door horizontal
on this side of the project, i can honestly say that it was the best project that i have done in this house and worth all of the work. now, i gotta go create something.


nikkipolani said...

Wow. I'm impressed that you've managed to pack all that into a room in such a useful, accessible way and still have work surfaces! Beautiful.

Linda at French Hollow said...

Wow, you have certainly inspired me to get organized! Great job!