Wednesday, January 25, 2012

back that thang up

the first time i ever watched this episode of sex and the city, i made a mental note to back up my mac. having lost the note and not doing it, my ignorance was amazingly covered throughout the years.

this summer, i finally got the screennote that the scratch disk was full and there was no room in the inn. i backed up years of files on an external hard drive. along with this grand sweep of the unneeded, i cleaned out all of my old files, deleted loads of old photos and organized the rest of my life.

two weeks ago, my beast of a mac died. as in the above clip, i didn't get a sad man with Xs for eyes and a tongue hanging from the side of his mouth, though. we tried to revive it in IT, but it was dead. lost were the extra photos in iPhoto, years of bookmarks and my itunes, but my files were safe.

a lot had happened since that beast of a mac came to live with us. twelve years of good, bad and the in-between. i remember those three little kids with me when we bought that old mac and how beautiful that old clear cinema screen was. it was so bigtime and crazy wonderful and the kids were so young and so excited. for twelve years, that old mac was the hub.

so, make a mental note for yourself and back up your files. also, remember that once you go mac, you never go bac.

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