Friday, December 09, 2011

so, into the bowls of the Os glitter went

joyeux noel

earlier this week, i did my mailrun (drop off, not pick up) and found out that my post office is moving to the newer part of town to follow all of the city and county offices that have already moved out there. come march, i won't be able to mail parcels or pick up stamps by bicycle or by foot.

this is the same post office that a littler version of myself would have to run into for my mother for "pretty stamps. get the prettiest stamps that you can, dawn." while she would wait in the car with the younger kids. as the oldest, i was the purveyor of pretty stamps and not until just this moment as i typed this did i realize how that translated later in my life.

anyway, i was sad and determined to get my holiday cards in the mail and even more determined to make them sparkle to undo progress and the relocation of my old post office, at least in my mind. so, into the bowls of the Os glitter went.

and if glitter wasn't enough, i found my long-lost tribe last night and it is the fierce letter writers alliance and mailed my membership dues out this morning by post.

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