Saturday, December 17, 2011

between a rock and two closets

between a rock and two closets

give me the mere thought of a day off and i will create a monumental project to throw myself into like nobody's business. twelve hours into the semester break, i have two rooms in various stages of dismantlement and a blind dog bumping into it all. *kiss kiss brooklyn*

to be fair, i have been wanting to do this for almost a year. my other studio was crampacked and frustrating to work in since i would turn around and knock over something while picking something up. since my bedroom was the larger of the two rooms, it just made sense, or it will in a week or two.

you read articles about how your bedroom should be used solely for sleep and restoration. i want some of that sleep and restoration. i had part of my studio in my old bedroom (the graphicky part of it) and have been wanting to consolidate everything behind one door.

thursday, i woke up and started this crazy train. you can't see the two closet doors that this wall of crazy is between, but two closets flank this wall of stuff. i had to unload all of the bookshelves, move and reorganize, but this is gonna be a great space. i have actually gained a wall in the new studio due to one less wall of windows. all that i will have in my new bedroom will be my bed, my dressing table, my bicycle and beaucoups of light.

i had found that slatted wooden benchtop on one of our walks and had been waiting for the perfect sliver of wallspace to utilize it. i love the tiny lights on it. the goal is to do a deep organization and not just stuff it back in willynilly, like i did when we moved here. my creative self is in desperate need of some centering and having everything in one room will be the ticket.

yesterday morning before i went to work, i started organizing and reloading shelves. finding all of my t-squares (which lasted longer than my marriage), i corralled those, too. all of my tinsel is stuffed in just two vintage suitcases. sweet. you know how you envision your life a certain way? well, i am so stoked about having all of my stuff in one room so i don't lose creative momentum when i need something that is elsewhere.

today after work, i will bring in the worktables that will go in the center of the room and the file cabinets. it will be packed again but trés efficient.

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nikkipolani said...

Color me totally and completely impressed. Brava!