Thursday, December 15, 2011

alphabetic equestrian

this house industries blognote of maison hermès in japan was in my mailbox yesterday. how beautiful this work is and what a lovely way to use typography! it was the perfect daycap after the last crit and final meetings of the semester.

1) after the last crit, it is always a surreal moment when your students walk out the door after four months of encouraging, bolstering up, and struggling with concept. they walk out with new tools and feathers in their cap.

2) i finished my postmodernism booklette yesterday morning in the wee hours. that class kicked my butt and took my name. yet, it could have it since it was my last theory class. *hands in the air*

3) now, on to finishing out this workweek with grading and onward to the weekend to clean up this house and studio after a wild semester. with rain all week and through tuesday, it will be the perfect weekend to reorganize and finally get a chance to decorate for the holidays.

i must write hermés and see how much that pony is in the window. yeah, the one with the one with the waggley tail. i do hope that pony is for sale.

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Anonymous said...

Very very nice pony. Roomie has been wishing she could get her hands on some wood type -- bet she'd like these oversized ones!