Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the thirst project

yesterday, the young founder of the thirst project spoke at our school. $20 gives clean water to one person and $5000 buys a well for a community without clean water.

seth maxwell's talk inspired me the most with the challenge of 'what if?'. what if i give 10% of my sales to start a fund for a water source for a family? what if we all thought that we could each make a difference? please take a look at this super project. read their story and thank God for what you have.

i thank God for:
1. my three healthy, happy and incredible children
2. all of our garanimals that share our little slice of peaceable kingdom
3. a happy home
4. our friends and family
5 the place between too little and too much
6. the luxury of furthering my education
7. each of my senses
8. a healthy body
9. a happy heart and my students
10. clean water

happy thanksgiving.


mariepear said...

LOVE this post.

e- said...

I would LOVE to be a part of this! Let me know what I need to do!