Tuesday, November 22, 2011


a recovering rose garden

1. i had forgotten how much an antique rose can make my heart swell. souvenir de la malmaison does that to me each and every time.

2. my heart still hurts for this hopeful-to-be family, so this rose (and a daily prayer) is for them and the baby as they all recover.

3. it rained yesterday and last night. actually, we are slated for rain through tomorrow. the garden has been in recovery for the past two months with the bits of rain here and there. my papaya tree even has its first blooms on it!

4. i can't wait to have all three of my kids together on thursday. fish has been requested. with blue skies in the forecast, we just might cook our entire thanksgiving dinner on the firepit in the garden.

5. tonight and tomorrow night, i will continue to price as i simplify our life with the garage sale this weekend.

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