Sunday, November 27, 2011

the gathering and the letting go

99 luft balloons

well, my load is lighter now. i sold so much of the unneeded on friday and saturday at the garage sale. it feels so good to have a cleaner house. while the kids and i watched a movie on thursday night, i took everything out of my closet and refolded everything and kept a fourth of it. it will be easier in the morning to get dressed since there is nothing to paw through. plus, a good friend stopped by the sale which totally made our day.

last year at my thanksgiving garage sale, i sold my white twinklelight tree that i bought on clearance after that first christmas of new traditions. this year, i sold my wreath and her box. storing stuff is so not where i want my life to be and i decided to make fresh wreaths last night.

today's list to accomplish:
1. write a paper
2. pack up sales
3. exchange lights on porch for icicle lights
4. pack up remaining garage sale items to donate
5. hang wreaths that i made last night
6. hang twinklelights in the garage
7. reorganize the garage and set up shop out there
8. organize the laundrette again
9. gather up the garden and cover the papaya tree for tonight's freeze
10. get ready for the workweek and thesiswork

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