Monday, November 28, 2011

freshy fresh


okay, these wreaths are not perfect. i have never made one before, but who i am kidding? i have a freaking chicken that roosts in my bathroom hamper at night, so perfection is not in my bag of tricks.

pitchfork hung

but, i freaking love my wreaths. they are imperfect and *squeal* i won't have to store them after the holidays. i just tied ribbon and hung this one on my antique pitchfork by the back door.

front door

we went to sam's after the garage sale on saturday and i bought 25-feet of fresh garland for $13.88. that made two big wreaths and two smaller ones. that is all kinds of a good deal. we picked up fresh pinecones on our walk this week and i hotglued them on. easy sleazy.

above sink

i had repainted the kitchen on fourth of july. the bright white made me promise to hang a wreath on the window for the holidays. i promise to take a better photo, but i had a list of items to cross off yesterday.

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