Thursday, May 19, 2011



one of the things that i miss so much during the school year is reading for pleasure. after work this past week, i have had my nose in a book. multiple books, actually. i feel as if i am back to the business of being me.

i was too young when patti smith came on to the scene, so i never had any of her albums. yet, her memoir just kidsis breathtaking.

we walk to the library which is our favorite way to go. you feel the anticipation with each step and you walk faster on the way home just to get your paws on the books in your bag. our librarians do a fantastic job of editing their displays and you can just grab a winner without knowing anything about it. two nights ago, i finished one small boat: the story of a little girl, lost then found which has to be one of the most heartfelt books ever. i cannot wait to read kathy harrison's another place at the table.

on the nightstand is toastby nigel slater, jay-z's decoded, and a biography of e.e. cummings.


what books have you read lately? please let me know and i will put them on my list to read.


Sis said...

Books? What are those? lol. sigh...

I always look to YOU for book recommendations. Two more weeks of school and then summer break. I might, in the midst of moving and yardwork, just squeeze in some reading time. Your titles are now in the queue. :)

Love you!

nikkipolani said...

Hmmm, I just listened to a few that you can keep OFF your list!

mary said...

just finished The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb, amazing book.I used to devour books in no time but menopause has made it hard for me concentrate( argh!!) so it is slow going right now... I have three novels started but am having a hard time getting into any of them. I will add your recommendations to my list for the library.

Anonymous said...

Patti Smith came into the jewelry store where I worked in D.C. back in her 70's "HORSES" heyday. She bought a tigers eye ring. Just jumped out of the limo, ran in and BAM! A drive-by purchase.

I just read Gabrielle Hamilton's BLOOD, BONES AND BUTTER. Even a vegetarian like me... LOVED it.
Care for short stories? try: PARIS WAS OURS by Penelope Rowlands. lovely summer read when you have a ton of crap to do and just need a quick fix. As usual, beautiful pictures here at Dawn Houser Inc.!