Sunday, May 08, 2011

red letter day

la marque

fresh out of the oven and in my etsy shop, these handdesigned moleskine journals are perfect for your pocket. the "red letter day" notebook has 32 lined pages and the "measure twice. cut once." sketchbook has 32 gridded pages.

the semester is almost over and i have so much to do between now and wednesday, but i smell a sliver of breakybreak before it all starts back up again in two weeks.

1) i have missed blogging.
2) read just kidsby patti smith.
3) spend time in my garden and let time stop for a second or two
4) i registered for my last semester of grad school. i know. don't faint.
5) i miss my art ed class (and my teacher) already.
6) happy mother's day to all of you mothers out there.

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mariepear said...

home stretch!