Friday, February 11, 2011

buckled in

1. i will not complain since most people have winters way worse than ours. i can say that i am, without a doubt, a summer girl.
2. taxes. are. done.
3. this weekend, i have to keep plowing through rudolf arnheim's art and visual perception: a psychology of the creative eye. it has to be the hardest book that i have ever read and the frigid weather will make it easier for me to sit and keep rereading.
4. my dear aunt brought me an old painting of my grandmother's on sunday and it has brought spring to this little house.
5. weekend has to be one of the best words invented.

1 comment:

nikkipolani said...

#2 -- ME TOO! Isn't it wonderful to have the taxes done???
#3 -- amen to that.