Friday, January 14, 2011

the light at the end of the corner

new old light

this corner of my studio has held its own. i was rooting for it since it is the little dab of quiet in my crazypacked studio. yet, this corner needed something.

it has slowly been evolving into the sewing corner since i found the vintage formica table at a thrift store about a year ago. it is the only wall space in the studio that is not a window or a storage/bookshelf.

a few weeks ago, i had spied this vintage herman miller bubble light at my favorite thrift store. as i went through my entire house looking for the perfect spot for it, i realized that it belonged here. the size and proportion are perfect.

homemaking is an artform and heartform. the layering and editing of those layers demands patience, doesn't it?

light at the end of the corner


Sis said...

I absolutely LOVE it.

And your floors, wow, they are so CLEAN!

Gin said...

Orange you the smart one to paint a dark corner such a bright orange! I love it!!

Hi Dawn!! Miss you!