Friday, January 21, 2011

designer label


the week before classes began a manic project of studio organization. (i blame the new light.) in studioworld, this is parallel to custer's last stand.

apparently, i have proven studies wrong. a girl can have enough glitter, labels and tape. if you ever see me looking for doublestick tape on clearance at target, you can kick me.

years ago (i am thinking, maybe, nine?), i came up with a label idea and tried it. i ran printed paper upside down (so the stickiness is on the printed side) through my trusty little xyronand adhered them to the inside of the sterlite boxes in my organizer shelf unit. i didn't expect them to come up easily when i went to replace them this past week, but they just popped up without residue.

putting the labels on the inside of the clear boxes works like magic. they don't get dirty or shabby and last until you peel them up.

old and obscure

i had to replace my old labels because they didn't help me find stuff which apparently led me to buy stock in 3M. a label called 'objx (to the second power)'? seriously, my kids should get on their knees and be thankful for the names they got.

take note:: cute doesn't cut it in the studio.

new labels

now, every freaking tack, paper clip and bottle of glue is grouped. this crafter can find her stuff even without her glasses on. bam!


nikkipolani said...

You were not kiddin' about tape. I was that way about vanilla. Between forgetting that I had some and the free stuff that kept coming home with me, I had... a lot. Though not nearly as much TAPE!

p.s., pls pray for Tammy.

martha brown said...

I too put the labels on the insides of the boxes! Wow -- that is a lot of tape (looks great, Dawn). I have 2 boxes labeled "things that join". Tape, staples, glue, glue guns. I have a lot out on shelves too......

A bird in the hand said...

I need to do that. Pronto. My work space is looking like a battlefield... custard's last stand. (You kill me. I luv you)

Photographer: Sis said...

And THAT, Miz Emeril-of-Art, is organization (to the second power). Double bam for you.

Annie said...

Wanna come organize my classroom? Broke my foot ! This is week six of no weight on it! Its my driving foot too! Anyways, miss you bunches! Xoxo

Gin said...

I wish I had thought to label all my art supply totes with removable labels...DUH! I wrote on mine with a Sharpie. I can get it off if I rub really hard, but ...well it takes a lot of time. Sigh...