Friday, September 24, 2010

after the rain

still unknownthe garden after the big stormseptember morningthe back stoop
backpatiofront pathfront side garden
front bedwallfront wallhillbilly back fortymrs b r cant hedgesdlm

for the past week or two, we have been living in the subtropics with almost daily rain and dashes of sun. *perfection* when i checked on the garden yesterday, i saw it throw up the powerfist and heard it say "you are da Man."

this must be the beginning of fall flush. roses are getting ready to pop and i need to put a stickynote on my forehead to remember to breathe in during this crazy semester. seriously, i can't wait to see my hedge of mrs. b.r. cant do her thang. she has grown by leaps and bounds since last valentine's day when i put it in.

for the past two weeks, i have become a trapper and have caught seven possums so far. (oh, and a siamese cat named blossom.) since we are vegetarian, i have been driving them out to the country (or, the further country) and releasing them (the possums, not blossom) early each morning. this is truly a new spin on possum living.

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Anonymous said...

What a delight to see your garden thriving in the rains.