Sunday, April 25, 2010

possum living

cold tub

when i put in the gardens two years ago, i was inspired by the thought of living off of the land and reducing my carbon footprint with less trips to the store. the ultimate goal is to live without packaging.

this week, i am in love with dolly freed and her possum living. a vintage three-part short documentary on dolly is here.

potager too


the organic potager is filling in nicely. hopefully, this will help feed us. the season is still early, but we are already getting salads from it daily. about a month ago, we were on a leafbinge and would do nightly runs for bags of leaves in the trash. we probably brought home thirty huge lawnbags of organic mulch for the gardens.

in lieu of the gate
last summer, i decided to go with girl logic and give up the convenience of one of the side gates to grow a privacy fence for the cold tub area. i started training peggy martin and madame isaac pereire over it. the kids helped me move the cold tub into its new spot earlier.

another thing that i want is to find someone to rig my house to a grey water system. until then, i am recycling water from the cold tub to the garden with a little spigot that i bought to fit my water trough.

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KathyA said...

I think your efforts are more than commendable! Just think of the result of everyone doing half what you are.
I'm also impressed that your roses are so obedient and abundant! Mine are not that well behaved.
Are those onions or leeks in your garden?