Monday, August 16, 2010

chartreuse eyelashes

chartreuse eyelashes
yesterday was a muck around in the garden day.

no matter how freaking hot it is here, i always feel a breeze when i look at my porch's chartreuse eyelashes. this is the transplanted rangoon creeper from my old house which shockingly survived the transplant in a brutal summer (and last year's harsh winter) and is now happily growing up one of the corners of my porch. this fringe just makes me so happy and brings the temperature down by at least ten degrees for at least ten seconds.

we were in the search of a movie to watch and happened upon then she found me with colin firth, helen hunt and bette midler. why had i never heard of it? we really enjoyed the characters and the storyline. oh, and colin firth. *sigh* i might have to make a fan of chartreuse eyelashes and fan myself.

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Have Myelin? said...

Hi Dawn,

Love that photo. =)