Wednesday, June 09, 2010

technicolor lining


one of the projects that i did while i was reorganizing all of the kitchen cabinets was to line the cabinet doors. smiles are big in this house and i wanted to see some smiley sunshine every time we open a cabinet.

i had scored a vintage french card game mille bornes at goodwill about a month ago and fell in love with the graphics. i knew immediately that they were what i wanted to see with every cabinet peek, so v and i went to kinko's and made 11x17 copies of them all laid out on the copier.

in each cabinet, i would take the inside measurements of the recessed panel and cut each liner to fit. (the copies are the regular paper in a color copier.) doublestick tape is the freaking bomb in this house (and classroom) and that is what i used as the adhesive.

kitchen worktable

the cabinet shown is one of two in a floor-to-ceiling set at the end of this kitchen worktable, so you get white, white, peace, peace and open the cabinet, and you get technicolor POW!


Marilyn said...

Love this idea. Did you feed 11X17 paper or some kind of posterboard into the copier? It really came out nice, Dawn.

Also, are those wooden boxes stacked behind the first aid kit? I like that look, too.

Sis said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE Mille Bornes! We had that game growing up and I loved playing it with my brothers! I think my mom still has it in her game cabinet...

Love what you did with it. :)

martha brown said...

I love Milles Bornes too! hmmm... you've given me an idea for a Christmas gift for my younger brother.... thanks!