Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the power of the rose

madame alfred carriere on garage

many years ago, true friendships were formed on the power of the rose. we would email each other about findings, advice, cheerleading, befores & afters, and so on. we learned from each other and compared copious notes about our gardens. from the garden, these friendships took root to other capacities of our lives. when prayers were needed for ailing parents, loss of a child, job opportunities or rebuilding of a family, this circle was there to lend the cup of sugar that was needed.

saturday, i got to spend the afternoon with three of these friends. the best words to describe the day are freaking and awesome! i thought about them and the rest of the rosegang yesterday when a new workweek started and we were back to our own grooves and so thankful for saturday's airpocket of love.

the newest project around here is painting the interior of this old garage. it will be a month of sundays before it is completed, but the painting has started. the smart thing would be to rebuild it and the hard thing would be to patch it up, so patching and painting we will go. there are big hopes in white paint. oh, and plans for a disco ball.

of course.


Sis said...

freaking and awesome - exactly my sentiments! It was WONDERFUL and yes, I love your description of 'airpocket of love.' I've stuck my nose in several times since Saturday and took a breathe.

I love you chica!

roomie said...

still savoring those lovely moments. it was a gift I will not forget. already planning the next episode. miss you all.

nikkipolani said...

Y'know, I was sorry I didn't get a photo of you and your magnificent smile. And there it is on this page. With your lovely wonderful words that perfectly paint our afternoon together.

Marilyn said...

Just patch it up, add some paint, and I know it will be perfect!

I love your can-do spirit. As always, I have complete faith in you.

Gin said...

Thank God for airpockets of love!!! Okay, yes, I'm very jealous!! But I am also very happy for you guys. So wonderful to meet in person some of these lovely people we've known online for years! (I met a couple last summer.)

One of these days ladies...

fiwa said...

OhMGEEEE!! I am so jealous - three of my favorite ladies together - that must have been heaven. :)

Hey girl, did you know I work for our Bradley now?

Miss you -