Friday, August 07, 2009



my potager was toast early in the season due to the intense heat and drought, but the rest of the garden has hung on thus far. actually, i would be out there watering now if it wasn't for the warning of rattlesnakes out searching for water.

my citrus trees have kept to their guns and these kumquat blossoms make me so happy. the meyer lemon has grown like crazy this summer, too. i keep looking for another spot to put another tree.

after this drought, i definitely want to garden with even more succulents. another all-star this summer has been rock rose. when the sun is up, i will take some more photos.


Sis said...

lol, sorry about that up there - it was me, and my spelling was atrocious!

But what I was saying was that it must be wonderful to live in a climate that supports meyer lemon trees...

Keep on lettin' your garden grow, and watch out for those rattlers!

nikkipolani said...

I've been pondering a meyer, but it seems excessive when I already have a eureka and a bearrs lime and a calamondin. Maybe just one little meyer. And a kumquat. So glad you're getting rain, Dawn.

Kathy said...

If I lived in a warmer climate, I'd have more citrus trees. I have one Meyer lemon, but have to bring it in each fall.
That photo is beautiful!

~S said...

Love my Meyer tree, On the other hand it's large enough now that it takes up a corner of my craft room during the winter months.

Have you though or moss rose/portulaca. Hens and chicks are fun to grow as well. Then the sedums to well. Autumn Joy is a fav!

~S said...

Have you thought of moss rose/portulaca. Hens and chicks are fun to grow as well. Then the sedums do well. Autumn Joy is a fav!

Apparently I can't type!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful photo! Speaking of citrus, I'm seeing citrus trees showing up in our nurseries. Still think it gets too cold to have them do well outside.

BTW..that dripping sound is my heart melting after seeing those pics of Theodore finn. What a cutie!

Marilyn (in Dallas)