Monday, August 10, 2009

in the time of drought

last summer, after we moved, i started my insane rockhauling. this summer's drought really made me glad that i did. we got a tiny shower yesterday. enough of one to bring us out to the porch, but not enough to keep us there. what we need is a week of steady rain.

the passiflora has really taken over the coop fence. i made a canopy for the girls this summer and love how 'incense' has taken a stronghold. passiflora can be such a gardenwhore, but it is always a resilient performer in the garden.

cactus blossom
for some reason, these cactus blossoms really thrill me. their simple shape and dusty color seem so primal.


rock rose
rock rose, one of my favoritey favorites.

another allstar in the garden this summer has been purslane. it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. its day-glo colors really make the world go round. the dogs trample it and i root its broken pieces to plant in every gardenbed around the house.

potted succulents

this bougainvillea is between shows, but i can't get over how much it has grown since i put it in the ground. it has shot up to over nine feet this summer. bougies never fail to please me.

coral bougie

last fall, i got into an "unpot and plant in the ground" phase and started naturalizing my driveway and want to keep working on it this fall.


nikkipolani said...

That purslane is something else! I'm loving all these glimpses into your garden and what you've done to survive the drought. *doing a little raindance for you*

Cheryl said...

Your garden is so different! I'm always amazed by what blooms and flourishes in different parts of the country. We're in a heatwave now and everything is drooping except the happy lantana.

Kathy said...

Gorgeous! I love your garden. And the purslane is remarkable -- I've never seen that!!
The cactus flowers are captivating.

Sis said...

Loved the garden tour.

Marilyn said...

I'd say that you made some really smart selections for your garden cuz mine looks like toast!

Ohhhhhhhhh...that cactus flower is gorgeous.

Marilyn (in Dallas)