Saturday, August 01, 2009

tomorrow for annie

theodore finn before his nap

well, i have committed to blogging for the month of august. the optional theme is tomorrow. today, i had to work, but tomorrow i am doing nothing but playing with a little hellion named theodore finn.

after work, i took a nap which i desperately needed and woke up to a message from my friend annie who was driving through. we got to spend a few hours on the couch catching up on the past year. our weekly stints on the couch at the dance studio was our luxury for years while our girls took ballet lessons.

why God made him cute
oh, and this is why God made him cute.


nikkipolani said...

Ah, yes. Cute as a defense mechanism. Brilliant!

Sis said...


And I'm excited about the daily blogging from you. Maybe I'll do it too? Hmmm...

Love ya, girlie,

Kathy said...

This happened during your nap??? I can just hear him saying "What shredded paper?"

kikithespunkymunky said...

dang he's adorable : )

Anonymous said...

This so made me laugh and miss my babies. It is time for another dog, just hoping Troy will agree sooner than later. We are getting closer. Love you. JFAP