Monday, April 07, 2008

the trophy (ex)wife

the trophy (ex)wife

my head is forever swimming in the sea of paintcolors, things to keep, things to sell and all of the other ideas that come to shore during a closing up of one home and the opening up of another. "in my new life, i am having just two rolls of papertowels on standby instead of the sam's supersized eighteen.", i will hear myself say. it is a major lifestyle change. one which will be more on foot and on wheels. that is exciting. one of less, but one of much more.

a year ago, i clung to this home for a semblance of normalcy for the kids, but it is okay now to let someone else love it as much as i do. deep in my heart, i feel that in order for me to entirely move on that i had to have my own home. thankfully, my daughter felt the same way...and that we have the brothers' blessings.

this trophy was one of those little scores that i found thrifting for next to nothing. it is from the year that this house was built. it is one of those things that i will take with me as a token of this home, much like the handselected items from my past lives, past cities and past self.


fiwa said...

I love the title of this post.
Small is doable - you just have to be very organized, which I know you are. And you have to be creative with storage space, which I know you will be too.

PS - I went thrifting Saturday, and I SCORED! A wire roasting rack, a cuisinart immersion blender and a set of poker chips in the little roundy-round thing.

You are your own trophy, girl.

Sis said...

I am smiling with pride over you.

diane said...

dawn, what a sweet post. a resolve that puts you in a place of peace. you are moving on, with grace and power! God bless~

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Have I toldja lately how proud I am of the Houser gals? =0]

devotedsatellite said...

i'm happy for you to have a fresh beginning in a new home. your kids seem really sweet. how special it must be to have them, and for them to have you.

Ginni Dee said...

Fiwa is right. You are your own trophy. And very much his loss. As for moving on. It's a wonderful adventure and will be just one more lesson in strength and fortitude you are teaching your daughter. And if I know you, you'll be smiling all the way!

Go gettum Dawnie!

patty said...

completly get it and felt the same with my move, I now only buy ripe bananas

Anonymous said...

Dearest D,
You indeed are the treasure! The 1956 trophy is a great way to commemorate your fabulous mid century modern home. Out with the old. In with the new. Dawn Mullican? I am so proud of you and your kids. They are so you!
Love, JFAP