Sunday, April 06, 2008

h is for home


we drove over for a lil' downhome minireunion late yesterday. my sister macy is down from vermont with sarah, sarah's family, my sister tipper and her family, my cousin brad and a lot of kinfolk (i love that word) gathered last night.

i loved going from conversations like troutlining and trying to attract martins to goatbirthin' and how doggone easy it is to castrate a cat while holding him in a cowboy boot. (wait, ummm, lemme get another glass of wine before i hear these instructions.) it made me miss my grandma and grandpa and my aunt patsy.

the vote was counted. we three girls were pills. do note, though, that in texas the word 'pill' has three syllables, i.e. "pee-uh-el".


fiwa said...

Whoodogie, I love your bling.
Family reunions, they are sumin. I can't remember the last one we had, but I know just what you mean about troutlining the conversations.

Hope you had fun with your sisters.

bonnie said...

Great post. I'm working my mouth hard to make that pee-uh-el sound. The best I can do is "pee-yull."

diane said...

that is some belt buckel that only a texas girl would love! I love it and think it is Tony-the-Tiger~ GRRRRREEAATTTT!