Wednesday, January 23, 2008

vitamin T


yesterday morning was so warm in comparison to the past few days that i gave myself a few minutes in the garden to investigate for signs of spring before continuing tackling this project that i am working on. it was one of those mornings that you can't find your cup in the garden, a twohand feely kind of day. this is a good sign that spring might be here in a matter of weeks. i probably spend more time looking for my coffee/tea cup than i do gardening. seriously.

in a couple of weeks, i will be pruning the roses back...and a special rose that i had rooted years ago is finally *really* growing. once i get this project done, i want to spend a day in the garden this weekend, cleaning up the potager. lowe's has its coldseason vegetables out...maybe, i will get a few planted in one of the beds.

today is back to the winterbusiness and i need another cup of tea.


Andie-The Brown Bee said...

LOL @ the Great Coffee/Tea Cup Caper! So glad your special rose has decided to flourish.....but then with such a kindheart attending, it could do nothing but! xoxo

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS shot, Mizz Dawn. I'm excited to see what's going in your garden. The TxMtnLaurel you gave me is still alive and thriving, ready to get repotted soon. Hugz!

Marilyn said...

Mmmmmmmm Tazo tea!

I love to tour my tiny garden with a cup of hot tea in hand. It just feels "right".

I know you grow herbs, but do you grow any specifically for teas? I want to get into that more this year. I cook with what I grow but would like to make lemon-y herbal teas, too.


Alison Gibbs said...

Great looking cup of tea Dawn

fiwa said...

You are taunting me with only a partial shot of that tea pot. You're lucky I don't live near, you'd have to lock your kitchen up and count all your goodies, cuz I'd be tryin' to snark that one.

I'm glad your special rose is taking off. Please, puuuhleeezzee, share some pictures when things start blooming. We're months behind you and I need some spring lovies to keep me going.

devotedsatellite said...

i was snooping through some of your old posts and fell in love with your backyard. i'm sure your garden is amazing when it's in full bloom. curtis is more into the gardening than i am. i mean, i love gardens! i just don't like pulling weeds or digging! there's a community garden club that's starting this year in my neighborhood. he's gonna put me to work!

Keely said...


Please check my raw diva keely blog for details!

Ginni Dee said...

What is it about a teacup in hand while you walk around the garden? It must be an angelic thing.

I've got a rose doing it's thing in the house, herbs growing and bulbs that are sprouting. There's just a time when we NEED green.

Hope you show some photos to those of us who have (what appears to be) 3 long months of hard winter left.


Cheryl said...

I bought a beautiful box of Tazo tea from Starbucks just for the miniature teacup ornament. The tea was a bonus.

No signs of spring in the garden here. :(.

The time and hard labor will come soon.

The Artful Eye said...

Lovely cuppa t. what does the warmth feel like? It's been sooo cold here in SoCal. Enjoy the day!

diane said...

yes, vitamin T is in order for me today i have a hitch in my getalong and if i could i would have stayed in bed instead of walking to and from work for 2 days in the misting cold rain*sigh*~~~maybe too much shuffling at gruene has caught up with me~that is, shuffling in one spot, while i watched the youngsters cutting the rug~not me!
gotta come see all your beautiful roses in this year =)

Brad said...

I just closed my eyes here at me desk a minute and visualized sitting in the garden with you and a cup of tea. Thanks for the momentary vacation 1

kansasrose said...

Got me a rose lover here! I have to wait to May..:( Do you do the antiques? noisettes? bourbons? I love my rose chillin. They won't leave home when they turn 18. Tea roses are the best! :)