Saturday, November 17, 2007



lately, i have been foregoing turning the dishwasher on and have been washing the dishes by hand. the simple tasks are providing so much comfort lately. yesterday, i swept instead of vacuumed. life has been so maddash, schedulekeeping, whatdayisit?, bylistliving and crampacked that to feel hot water & smell geranium dishsoap is so soothing.

i need slowcoffee, slowfood, slowfeet, slowdrying, slowroast, slowreads, slowrain, slowstitches and, yes, a slowdance.

v's friend A cracked me up this week. she said "ms. houser, i told my dad that v wants me to come over during the holidayweek. i told him that you aren't a crackhead or anything.'

that made me laugh
a slowlaugh.


Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Ahhh, the acceptance speeches of the yung'uns.....lmao Isn't it ironic how the things we would have nearly sold our souls to get out of doing as young'uns give us just the measure of solace we need as grownwomen? And chickiepoo, EVERY gal should have an open prescription for Slowitall!! xoxo

diane said...

Slow...what I have looked so forward to this morning. Every day always rushing to go here and go there. It takes a deliberate effort to slow down doesn't it? And she is not a crack head * LOL * Priceless!
Thanks for reminding me how the simple things give me so much pleasure.

fiwa said...

I hope you have a sloeweek next week. I know you don't watch a ton, but my prescription is turn off the tv. TV makes the days go by too fast.

love you slowjo-

Ginni Dee said...

Tip over one of those slowhandwashed stemmed glasses and pour a slowredwine and enjoy a slowchill. Admittedly, crack it ain't but a nice glass of wine can give you a great outlook on life too. Check out my wine is also very good for you! As are most things slow!

nikkipolani said...

I almost don't remember slow. Except that my dishwasher broke some months ago so all the dishes are by hand. Enjoy all the slow in your days.

A bird in the hand said...

I used to complain that everyone was constantly rushing (why??) but eventually I got caught up in it myself. So now I do slow whenever I can. Slow is good. I especially enjoy slowfood with slowwine.

Rebecca said...

slow is my favorite speed for almost anything. love these glasswares shots. i have a few of silverware and silver creamer sets i shot a while ago that always make me smile when i look at them. but i just love food. and all the implements that help us along with those goals.