Sunday, November 04, 2007

reality photography & a little leonard

this would be where my photo would go,
but come on now, like i would be brave
enough in the company of deb's.

i wish i knew how to save her page as an image, i would use that. my girlita deb smail just finished her editorial portfolio which she has just started pimpin'. (pimp it, girl. make me even prouder!) take a gander at her reality photography. take off your socks cuz she will blow them off, anyway.

if you haven't watched leonard cohen: i'm your man, just do it. i had to watch it in segments because it blew me away. use the subtitles option just so you can read his words, uh, in words. it was a treat to see & hear his words and to realize how profound his writing is.


fiwa said...

Those are beautiful. I will go back and look again when I am more awake. I just realized we forgot to set our clox back, so it's really only 5:30, and now I feel all tired again.

Alison Gibbs said...

Love the photos. Thanks

Ginni Dee said...

Wow, your gal Deb is some photog!! Love her website too!

realityphotography said...

see how sweet you are!!!!!

thank you - thank you - thank you!
as soon as i get that contact button working - this portfolio is going to every magazine editor, publisher, designer & picture-pimp out there!

the 42 year old hustler!

Cheryl said...

Whose peeled off bling might this be? Looks like a heavy load to bear!

Anonymous said...

To copy an image quickly, you can use "ALT + Print screen" together (that's the copy function) then just "paste" where you need it. better late than never.