Thursday, November 08, 2007

blame it on fidel!


first off, i want to thank each of you for your comments on yesterday's post and all of the other yesterdays, too. the more i think about stuff, the more i really believe that God put blogging into my life before i really needed it. He gave me time to wiggle around and feel comfortable in all of its bloggityworldgoodness. thank you from the bottom of my wornout little heart.

of course, as if getting ready for stitch isn't enough for one girl, i had to squeeze in a movie last night. it was worth mixing subtitles and vino for blame it on fidel! i hope you get a chance to watch it. that little girl and her thinking & questioning mind really melted my heart. you know when you meet someone and you can see their brain working behind their eyes? well, she is one of those someones.

and *squee* on my so-called life finally out on dvd. i hope the first disk arrives this weekend. i can't wait to introduce my other favorite tv series to vgirl. of course, it was so good that it got dropped by the networkz like my other bestfavorite series, freaks & geeks, but *squee* on it finally being out on dvd.


fiwa said...

I have not thought about that show in years! I loved Clarie Danes. I bet V will love it - it seems like the kind of show that would hold it's age well.

I can't believe this - but I'm going to go to OnDemand and see if I can watch that I luv New Yawk, to see if I can see what crystal waiving I have been accused of. I'm afraid. Glitterpuss indeed...
PS - I love your new photo, specially the scarf.

Ginni Dee said...

Love your scarf in your new photo!

Haven't seen that movie, will have to check it out!


A bird in the hand said...

Squeeee! I loved that show. and I do like your new photo with scarf. xoxox

♥♥♥♥♥ said...

oh, i did not know that my so called life is out!!! oh! i love that show! when it was on!! i can't wait to rent it!!! *grin*