Sunday, September 30, 2007

beyond lofty

she likes that kind of thing

oh, yes. my new goals are beyond lofty.

i want to make my bed every morning and be focused enough to change my purse every day. (the latter goal was brought on from the fact that i had tampons in my sidepocket of my purse since my last period.)

new purse, new 'tude. period.

this week, i met other goals & deadlines, but nothing made me prouder than finishing the stack of magazines by the side of my bed. seriously. that stack was there since march. okay, i let myself off the hook on that one. magazines do take a backseat to being the driver in survivormode, but that stack was seriously harshing my mellow. it was a reminder of why it was still there, but i do declare, honeychild, it ain't no mo.

i know that the end of summer is almost here in texas, because we actually choose to sit outside. thank you Lord and pass the onion rings. this hits that happy spot just like a trip to sephora.

two movie recommendations: two weeks and snow cake
these were fivestarrers to me and they hit just right.

now, on to kissing a perfectly wonderful Sunday morning and a house full of children. oh, yeah, itz gonna be a good one, so you best enjoy it.


diane said...

Dawn~know what you mean girl~I have cut my mags off, until I can manage them. Started Country Living back up though...couldn't help myself. BTW...fabric will be coming by way of Mel this week =)

martha said...

Snow cake is wonderful! I watched in on the plane on the way to ArtFest last year (when I was SUPPOSED to be sleeping). I have a serious magazine problem......luckily I live in Canada -- and I can use them to insulate the walls -- I just stack them from floor to ceiling....

Keely said...

I, too, have a serious magazine problem. Mine is more of an addiction! I feel I must own every issue that Stampington & Co. puts out. Cloth, Paper, Scissors; VSN; RubberStampMadness; Rubber Stamper and Altered Arts Magazine all have to come home with me, too. I should point out that I am not a collage or altered arts artist, and that I have only made a couple of art dolls. Oh... and I don't sew either! I either need to join magazine hoarders anonymous... or move to Canada!!! [grin]

A bird in the hand said...

Gawd, the magazine mountain just grows. Now and then I prune. I tear out what I want to keep and put it in a file. Eventually I prune the file. Just telling you this is making me tired.

You are my hero!


anne said...

'stacks of magazines'.... shudder!
Actually, I had mine in a box and in a moment of organization, I left it outside temporarily. Then we got some rain. Magazines promptly made a thudding sound inside the trash can.

Ginni Dee said...

Stacks are the bane of my existence! Stacks of mags, junque mail, unpaid bills, paid bills, books I've read and books I've yet to read. These stacks beckon me to deal with them on a daily basis...but I put them on ignore. Who's got time to deal with stacks? I'm so glad you've managed to make the time...maybe you will inspire me!

Keep on rockin'

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Oh, that magazines were the ONLY thing I stack! **sigh** lol I only have two stacks of them of Victoria magazine, and one of Country Living. Both are actually well read. My stacks are more like Ginni Dee's...EVERYTHING! lol Thanks for 2 more flicks to add to my list!
Rock on Sista! Andie

Keely said...

Oh, almost forgot to tell you! My hubby is downloading both movies for me to watch, even as we speak. Also, for the month of October, I am taking my blog to the dark side!!! [evil grin] As the month progresses I will put some spooky pictures up of my house, too. Trick or Treaters are always welcome!!!

Lisa H said...

Yes indeed: Snowcake. Alan Rickman.
and how delicious is your musical choice?

now, as for sitting outside in San Antonio? I'll be "right round, Baby, right round!"

Lisa H

Marilyn said...

I plead guilty to magazine hoarding. Wish I could cull the articles I really want to keep, but I always feel like I'm defacing the issue..or something. lol

I did bring an old stack to Half Price Books a couple months ago. It was hard to let go, though.


tsdumont said...

rocken a different bag a day! oh, that's a good idea! i am the biggest bag & jewelry whore! *giggle* oh, and shoes tooo!! *grin*

those movies look good. i'll have to check them out!

i hope your having a damn good tuesday doll.

fiwa said...

Good for you about the magazines. I have a pile of books I need to work through.

And I don't know where you were sitting out - it's still hotter than hell in Houston. Gawd, I was so glad to get back to my cold and rainy seattle yesterday!

PS, did you see Rock of Love?????

Love you!

Alison Gibbs said...

Have to love having stacks and stacks of magazines to go through.