Saturday, July 07, 2007

Man & mascara

the voluminous heart
this photo is serendipity at her finest. i had opened my medicine cabinet and had such shelfjoy (below) that i was inspired to take a photo of its vintage glassies. when i shut the door, i saw this assemblage next to it and it really rocked my world. i love san antonio because religious candles are so ready at hand, as is mascara, of course. i then realized how appropriate for mascara and a Jesus candle to share the same niche. they both don't run. praise the Lord and pass the onion rings.

my favorite shelf
the above shelf is what started this photo essay. when i go to estate sales, medicine cabinets are my most favorite place to dig around in...and i have no problem bringing a dead person's glass jars home to live in my medicine cabinet. they can cozy up with my alive person's jars and have a party when i shut the door.

cabinet oil
a few weeks ago on yahoo, i read this little article in their 'in the news' front spot. (that little newsy spot is my daily take on the world. maybe, that is why i had no idea that the spurs were in the playoffs.) anyway, this article on safflower oil made me promptly go out and buy me some of that safflower oil, for realz.

i need some beauty secrets like i need some of those beautiful safflowergreased spill forth and pass the ketchup.


anne said...

Great tip! I'm off to the grocery store :-)

Scheherazaad said...

I actually do use olive oil when I run out of lotion. I'll remember to stock up on safflower oil next time.

A bird in the hand said...

I bought a Jesus candle yesterday. It wasn't a Jesus one actually, it was a Mary one. We have lots of them here too. with prayers in spanish on the back.

Those glassies, dead and alive...I bet they do party when you shut the door.

Light the candle and pass the incense. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh, you KNOW I am drooling at the sight of those glass jars! :-)

Marilyn ( a glass jar-a-holic)

Lisa H. said...

Oh, the beauty and poetry that you create in all places. I'd like to BE a bottle in your cabinet, all glassy, sparkly and sassy.

Your quote about Jesus and Mascara should be widely publicized!

Just keep shooting all the nooks and crannies, along with pigs and tables and you in that gardening garb. Divine.

Rebecca said...

medicine cabinets! oh my. what a lovely photo essay. i wish i had a medicine cabinet. our house was built in 1960, but no medicine cabinets, believe it or not.