Thursday, June 07, 2007

the L word and a tenspot

up for croquet?

in a week's time, i have been told that i think too much and *evil grin* smile too much, which has lead to this week's statement to be 'what the F?', spoken in the quizzical nature in this beloved youtubeskit.

okay, i think too much, but really is there such a thing of smiling too much? seriously, now. well, i have been thinking and a tenspot is in order.

1) i am a libertarian, straight ticket and all, folks. i have to sleep at night and have to vote the L word, even though i have been told that it is wasting a vote numerous times. i feel good cancelling one freaking nonlibertarian vote out. i tripledogdare you to take the quiz.

2) yes, music is huge in my life, but isn't a dealbreaker for me. i cried when i first heard tift merritt's good hearted man and my summer anthem is timbaland & fall out boy's one & only. so, bring it on.

3) i love my new old croquet set and promise not to sell this one. you can shoot me with my squirrel gun if i contemplate it.

4) documentaries rock my world. maxed out was bloody incredible.

5) i marvel at LL cool J. how does he look finer than he did back in the 80s? whatever he is having, i want a tall order of it, too.

6) i do good yard.

7) i believe in love, ixnay on marriage (tough year, folks) and uh, hell no on baby carriage.

8) being an 8th generation texan brings a deep sense of pride.

9) i have my oldest son to thank for turning me on to weeds. the casting and writing hits me in my happy place.

10) saws scare me, but i am about to break open my new jigsaw so i can work on a new table.


MaryF said...

Saws scare me, too! And you do do good yard.

I saw a few episodes of Weeds, the first few, I think, with the flashbacks of her husband. I heart Jeffrey Dean Morgan! said...

The writing in WEEDS is clever as hell...


fiwa said...

YOU think too much & smile too much? Do I need to come kick someone's butt for you? Whatevah. You do NOT think too much, you're just smart. And hunnylove, you're my girl & all, but git yo mitts off my LL. You can have Snoops.

I L U.

tsdumont said...

so "they" think you think to much and you smile to much? do ya! well, i think thats a good *ss thing to do to much of. *BIG grin* you just keep on be you gal! because your lovely *grin* and who ever "they" are can just take a hike! *giggle* wow! that's a line my grandma would have used/said! oh well it's cheesy! but it fits! *grin* i think your faBulous! and thats all that matter damn it! *wink*

i hope your having a faB friday! YUP! it's friday YO!!! yeeeees!! *grin*


Anonymous said...

No such thing as thinking or smiling too much, being that the alternative is to be thoughtless and angry ( not an attractive alternative at all !!!!)

Stay your course and stay true to yourself.

Big Friday HUGS to ya.


~S said...

Saws are COOL, The reciprocating saw has been a good friend lately but a good table and miter saw rox as well. :) Keep smiling it makes people wonder what you been up to. ;-) Oh and you do a good yard.

anne said...

You just keep on smiling, girl!

Lisa H said...

Your "Lists" are juicy and inspirational.
Hooray for the Courage to STAND UP FOR YOUR BELIEFS.

You have a VERY large cheering section, ya know? Feel it. We're right beside you.Oh yeah, we LOVE it when you smile. Oh, and feel very free to think your ass off.


Anonymous said...

ixnay on marriage and babies too

ll cool j is smokin and fabu.. no doubt.. smokin

weeds is my favorite.. and nearly everyone i meet says.. you know that show weeds... you SO remind me of the mom.. HA HA H AHA HA HA.. do i have a thrifted picnic basket full of pot popcorn balls? NO.. do i wish i did right now.. um.. yes

ha ha ha h
i lov eyou girlfriend
you rule the school