Monday, June 04, 2007

back in the game

i am finally feeling like a girl again, as if i could probably manage getting back into that saddle and riding again. when i was asked for a divorce after (almost) twentyone years of marriage, i felt broken, used and damaged. certainly, those are the normal feelings that a woman goes through after she has been married exactly half of her life. being strong for the kids (and God being strong for me) was what got me through the past few months. the one thing that always makes me feel better is the fact that it could always be worse. i could have been fiftyone, sixtyone or even seventyone, instead of a mere fortyone.

at first, i had set my mind against the thought of dating and the tedious chore of weeding through men. i would prefer to pull up bermuda grass runners or sift through a swimmingpoolsized litterbox than to weed through men... but i had a conversation with a friend who encouraged me to be open to the idea of dating again. she regrets not doing it right after her divorce and now she has been single for as long as she had been married. this conversation really stuck with me and opened my mind to be open to the thought. my kids have some requests of who not to date... no cops, republicans, or someones who boss them i came up with more questions on little cards.

i am not going to pull the cards out and start quizzing over a glass of cabernet, but they are there on my desk and in the back of my mind. i don't want to throw darts at someone, but i would like to be a better aim. maybe, dating is an exercise. who & what is my type? answer me that, pussycat.

i was born at night, but i wasn't born last night, so you won't find the cheatsheet here and half are trickquestions. i am still working on my stack.

1) do you believe in God?
2) do you recycle?
3) are you materialistic?
4) are you always right?
5) are you a cop?
6) do you like to make stuff?
7) what are your interests?
8) are you a homophobe?
9) are you a player?
10) are you a neatfreak?
11) is your butt bigger than mine?
12) do you like garage sales?
13) any piercings or tats?
14) do you like to read?
15) are you a smoker, a joker or a midnight toker?
16) do you love rainstorms?
17) what are your hobbies?
18) do you like to watch movies?
19) are you impulsive?
20) do you speed?
21) are you a republican?
22) favorite charity?
23) are you a perv?
24) are you in debt?
25) favorite way to spend an afternoon?


Jacquelene L. said...

you go girl!!!
Glad your back posting, I was worried about you, where were you?

Another question for your list:
What kind of music do you like?

Have Fun!
Have a great day!
Looks like rainy weather coming your way this week, enjoy!
We are having rainy weather here too!

Toronto, Canada

Rebecca said...

what an adventure you have ahead of you. i cannot imagine dating again. one of the perks of being married is looking at my single friends, shaking my head, and thinking how great it is not to have to go through all that. online dating? it's new scary world out there.

but exciting, too. i'm sure you'll have a hoot.

i suggest forming your questions so that they cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. that way, your date has to speak a sentence, at least. What do you like to read?

surely i'd scare off any potential fellas. i'd default to reporter mode and be way too intense.

fiwa said...

Bug hugs to you girl.
There is more happiness in store for you, I feel it.

I love your list, I love that you have a list. 23 made me laugh out loud.

diane said...

dawn....just about all of questions made me laugh out loud! I guess you have to keep a sense of humor - right?
Hey, did you like "Sleepless in Seatle" as much as I did? ..... and Gene Autry's song, "Back in the Saddle Again" is just the best.
You go girl!

MaryF said...

I just want to know what you want the answer to be on #13 ;)

Good luck, sweetie! I can't imagine hhow scary it would be. Where do you even start?

tsdumont said...

that's a great list!

YUP! get back in the game gal! *wink*

anne said...

Love your weeding analogy, Dawn :-)

tiffany renfrow said...

answer to #11:


julie sergel said...

hey girl, i join those in rallying for you! i am happy you are open! you are far too wise to shut down emotionally anyway. you're a creative being and creative beings need to experience it all! i think it was john mayer who said he would be drawn to certain things (sometimes not so healthy for him, but very healthy for his work). Call it the Curse of the Creatives; either way, I endow you with all kinds of braveheart courage and open valves for expressionisms.
big love your way!! and hey, if he's got a yankee cousin, give 'im my number too!!!!

A bird in the hand said...

I thought about you last night, and today I got the comment you left me.

Staying open is the most important thing. It took me a long time to learn that. I'm still alone, but hey, open is much better than closed!!!