Wednesday, May 23, 2007

uncute (another verb)

girl has a thing for the cherry motif. i don't remember having a favorite motif at her age, so, of course, i think she is a graphicgenius. she had begged for a new bookbag for the summer and we had fun hunting for cherry fabric. the cherry pattern needed something to punch it back and uncute it enough to be cool and she loved my skull suggestion.

i finished this reversible tote yesterday and she couldn't wait to take it to school...a small token on top of grademoney for making straight As. yeah for a summer full of books! what is on your reading list for the summer? the first one up on mine is rebecca's suggestion of stealing buddha's dinner by bich minh nguyen.

school is out for summer...
hellz yeah!


michelle said...

love this. my girl used to be about monkeys, now she's all skulls. nothing better than seeing your kid have their own identity (especially so early) and cool to have a mom who GETS it.

MaryF said...

That's darling!!!

My reading list, is, well, a pile. I have a ton of friends' books to read, and I'm into paranormals right now. I plan to take the first week of summer and dive in!

tsdumont said...

LOVE! LOVE! the bag gal!!! *grin*

I hope your having a faB weekend!

A bird in the hand said...

That is very original! skulls and cherries. very avant-garde. Mademoiselle has style!

~S said...

I remember sewing bookbags in middle school for all my friends. Back then we had a cool fabric store now they are so hard to find in this area. Cool fabric choices, maybe you should teach VV to do piece quilting this summer as it is always fun to play with fabric designs and quilt designs. ;-)

jessica said...

my bags were never that cool. and they always had a broken zipper, held together with a stupid safety pin. i'm jealous of a 16 year old now...thanks! :) :)
So, i came here looking for info/inspiration about mixed media, but you mentioned summer book reading. mine is the next book by he who wrote kite runner. if you're interested, there's a new site up where you can swap books with other blogging ladies (all around world), instead of always buying them at the store.
i think it's going to be pretty cool b/c the book will collect a "heritage" of notes and things as it passes.
i wont leave a link here, b/c that's rude, but it's called sisterhood of the traveling books.
great tote!

Lisa H said...

Crazy-cool bag. Reversible? genius.
Books this sunner:
oh, and:
five million PHOTOSHOP books.

Sew on you talented creature....
Straight A's. Whatta Woman!

Ginni D. :) said...

Dawn, you rock the casbah girlfriend!! Ya know I love ya!

Email soon!