Tuesday, May 22, 2007

counteract with cookies

certainly, this is not the most professional workspace out there. it is actually an accident (or two!) waiting to happen. cookies were eaten (by accident) and okay, yes, i spilled my coffee. if it is really all about the process, then i guess the term process is up for interpretation. this photo was taken while finishing up the corkboard back for the counter in the bathroom. at first, i thought of using cork tiles, but i am glad that i cut a bulletin board down instead.

if you do mosaicwork, please wear plastic gloves or wool mittens (just kidding!). i seem to always forget to put them on. my hands are finally back on the road to recovery. bits of the original green tiles were incorporated, plus my favorite vintageplate & olive dish. that really isn't a sinkdrain, but the top of a vintage snuff canister that says 'copenhagen satisfies'. my favorite part about this counter is the mirror edging. it brings the disco ball back to the bathroom.

here is a peek to the cabinet above this niche. i am picking up other shelves this morning. the wrong size were shipped...so doubleyeah on really using my new cabs. i called last week to doublecheck that i was still on my tileguy's list and thankfully he can do the tilework in the green bathroom in june. then, i can have my sink installed and we can brush our teeth in there again.

this week: learn how to either rewire a lamp or add a little pluggything on an existing cord


Anonymous said...

this is fantastico!
you are fantastico!
xo xo

~S said...

Awesome, looks like everything is coming together. Oh and rewiring lamps using the kit, simple and oh so satisfying. Once you've done one you can start creating your own lamp bases. :)

fiwa said...

You absolute tease, you! Photographs of coffee and windmill cookies, AND little tidbits of your bathroom. I love the mosaiac work. I love how it's all looking like you.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous tile work. I am loving that soft green color in particular.

You even color coordinated the bouquet of roses to match the mosaic.

I wish I had even a teeny, tiny percentage of your creativity and vision!


Jacquelene L. said...

Wow!!!! The mosaic countertop is AWESOME!! You should submit your pictures to Sommerset Life, your whole way of life is an artistic life!

You are awesome, You go girl!!!

Jacquelene L.
Toronto, Canada

Rebecca said...

deeeeee-lightful niche!

MaryF said...

That is So Cool!

anne said...

Beautiful still lifes, Dawn :-)

Lisa H said...

Catching up on your blog...and now THIS??!!
The talent drips from your beautiful, long fingertips.JL from Toronto is right, print-worthy to say the least.
You can see and feel new energy springing up & out of you. Your place, your mark on Life.