Saturday, January 06, 2007

{stone that sparkles}

i woke up to rain which is a doubleyeah day for us. v has ballet class today and then we will be back to coze it up for our final weekend with page for a while. he leaves on monday for ny to work and scout out 'hoods on the weekends. tomorrow we will drive out to twinhollow (our ranchette) for the final time before we close in two weeks.

early this morning, i finshed the poncho that i have been working on. it started off as a blanket, but then i thought 'hell, girl, what you will really need is a blanket you can wear." so a poncho was born. when i get some light around here, i will take a photo of it. by the smirks on the kids' faces, i can tell that no one will be fighting me to wear it...and that is a-okay by me. i love it and it is warm, so there you go.

i found out this week that my friend jennifer's mom reads my i want to wave at her this fine morning. *waving wildly*

now, to gather my supplies for projects while i sit on the couch for an hour and a half.

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deb said...

awh, is all in motion now!
he is off to NYC. :( i can't wait to see photos of twinhollow.

BUT how exciting!!! NYC is electric and the most wonderful city.
I'll never forget taking David as a surprise and getting stuck for hours in the middle of the Puerto Rican Day Parade and Festival. Man that was mind blowing.
I remember seeing a gal wearing the Puerto Rican flag as a poncho cinched at the waist. With skin tight Capri's topped with something similar to stilettos.

I bet your poncho will do just fine in the city!