Sunday, December 31, 2006

surf big slash hunt

we have raised this to a fine art. we surf & hunt & email each other listings. okay, i am getting excited about the move...deciding on WHERE is where the frustration skips to the beat of my heart. that man has freaking moved me all over this country and he knows this is IT. he has coined this hunt as the 'deathpalace hunt' since it is the search for our last home. he told me last night that i will break my hip first, but not if i push him down the stoop first, right?

it will come down to the best location for page with either a commute to the office (LI) or into the city. he has the hardest job in this decision and i just get to look and critique. is it really this hard to find an original kitchen & bathrooms in a home in a good school district that hasn't been cheesed out? no, i don't want marble or brass. i just want original. funky is okay, shiny is not.

he had refused to even consider brooklyn since he needs his 'elbow room'...but he was either teasing me last night or he is spending his lunch money on crack, because he showed me this...i wouldn't change anything about the kitchen except paint it and maybe remove that stool that the phone is sitting on. i love the sink, the stove, everything. okay, it looks like rats have been having babies in some corners but i love this place and would even give up my car to have it. i love the jungle in the back and that is a perfect size for me to garden.

this place is past grand army plaza, so close to the library, so close to BBG...we lived on the other side of prospect park in windsor terrace.

am off to go pour another cup of java & chase it with thoughts of farrell's.


fiwa said...

OMG! I knew there was some reason I needed to break my nontechnologyweekend vow today!
I LOVE that frickin sink! All that place needs is a serious cleaning and it would be the bomb. I am so jealous. Are you going to go lookin?

deb said...

how exciting!

would you open up the top floor and make it all one big home?

pam said...

all I can say is WOWSER.
I was actually in New York in may , I repeat WOWSER so much fun!! I love the house.I think it would suit you actually it has you written all over it!

jackie_o said...

That reminds me of the house in Moonstruck. I wouldn't change it either. How cool.

Scheherazaad said...

If that's not Brooklyn I don't know what is. He is spending his lunch money on crack and I love that house. my only question is which direction is the garden facing. If this is the death palace you want the best exposure for your gardening future.

Sae Faeri En said...


I've been tuned out here for a while. But, wow! I cannot wait to see the new digs and such. I've had a wee cyber affair with Brooklyn properties online. They look so funky and cozy.